About Us

Father’s M.I.A. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to become the bridge that will facilitate the reconciliation between the Fathers, Children, and Families.  The Founders believe the Father is the foundation of the home, and if the foundation is broken, then the building is condemned.   Too many of our children and families are functioning in a condemned state.  Thus, the Purpose and Passion for Fathers M.I.A. is to move Fathers from Missing in Action to Motivated Involved & Active.

The foundation’s goals are to give fathers and their children a fighting chance, and opportunities that positively change their lives, their thinking, their values, their understanding through this foundation. Providing a program to assist in the developing of Fatherhood, and provide a mentoring program for the fatherless. Gernald Hawkins is the founder of Father’s M.I.A., a non-profit organization dedicated to the bridging of fathers, children, and families.

Our story

Founders of Father’s M.I.A. Gernald Hawkins and Co- Founder Robert Jackson III where both at a teen sporting event when they came to the realization that it was always the mothers who where bringing their children to their sporting practice and major games, and a majority of these children fathers where never in attendance in their daily activities . Deep in their hearts both founder and co-founder where moved by this situation and did what they thought was best for the children and the community. By bridging the gap between father and child this would be a positive impact in our community, their goals are to promote the importance of fatherhood and the overall effect it has on our children. 

We are moving fathers that are missing in action to motivated involved and active.  Our organization believes that a house without a father is in a condemned state. To help resolve some of the issues, our organization has teamed up with local city officials who have volunteered their time in participating at our annual “As We Honor Her” Gala event. This event brings awareness and helps 20+ girls each year who are fatherless in being honored. 

Our Core Values

Our core values are to offer assistance, provide support and facilitate change that will foster an appreciation for the importance of fatherhood. We endeavor to provide instruction that will shed light on the gifts embedded in children and the manifestation brought by the guidance and direction of their father.

Meet the team