Bridging the gap.

Fathers M.I.A. Bringing families together!

With Father’s M.I.A. we are able to bridge the gap between, fathers, children, and families, by allowing our young ladies and young men access to the resources in our communities. We also provide our future graduates with scholarships, to help kick start their journey from high school to college. We have given over $30k in scholarship now with the help from our community and first responders. 

We are community driven!

Our organization is very involved with all of our participants.

Fathers M.I.A. and our local first responders collaborate for our yearly spring Gala!

Every year Fathers M.I.A. get together with our local law enforcement and first responders that volunteer their time in participating in a simulated father daughter dance. This helps bridge the gap in our community, with children that are fatherless. Selected participants are gifted scholarships after completing required 4 weeks program which is very benefiting to their growth and mindset. of different activities, this includes writing an essay, etiquette class, online and social media safety, group therapy with a licensed psychologist and teaching them positive affirmation.

We’ve witness our young ladies go from shy to gaining confidence after joining our program. 

Our Community involvements!

Fathers M.I.A. will always be of service to our community!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to turn the hearts of the Fathers back towards their Children, and the hearts of the Children back towards their Fathers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world.  As we strengthen fathers, we strengthen families, thereby adding strength to society, which will ultimately change the world.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to offer assistance, provide support and facilitate change that will foster an appreciation for the importance of fatherhood.

We endeavor to provide instruction that will shed light on the gifts embedded in children and the manifestation brought by the guidance and direction of their father.

Our Objectives

Our Objective is to give fathers and their children a fighting chance, and opportunities to positively change their lives, their thinking, their values, their understanding through this foundation.

To develop character and instill a solid value system in Fathers and provide a bridge between fathers and their children for reconciliation.