“We Honor You” Spring Gala 2024

Fathers M.I.A. and our local first responders collaborate for our yearly spring Gala!

Fathers M.I.A. is thrilled to announce its 6th Annual ‘As We Honor You’ Scholarship Gala, a celebration of students who have demonstrated remarkable perseverance in their education despite the absence of paternal love and comfort. During this elegant evening, students are paired with law enforcement, creating a unique and supportive atmosphere. The event features a blend of delectable food, entertaining performances, and scholarship opportunities.


Annually, Fathers M.I.A., Inc. collaborates with local law enforcement and dedicated first responders who generously volunteer their time for a heartwarming simulated father-daughter dance. This initiative plays a crucial role in bridging gaps in our community, particularly for fatherless children. Scholarships are awarded to selected participants upon successful completion of the eight-week program, which significantly contributes to their personal growth and mindset.


The program encompasses a variety of activities, including essay writing, etiquette classes, online and social media safety sessions, group therapy led by a licensed psychologist, and instruction in positive affirmations. The transformation of our young ladies, progressing from shyness to newfound confidence, stands as a testament to the positive impact of our program.