King Solomon Award Scholarship

What is the King Solomon Award?  Since 2009, Kameleon Enterprises through The FORT brand, has been awarding financial assistance to high school students in an effort to help with quality education. To date, FORT has awarded over $100,000.00 USD in scholarship funds through it’s King Solomon Award!

As quoted by its founder;

“Proverbs serve as a daily reminder of what our focus and priorities should be in a world where kindness often takes a backseat to the inequalities of our day. True lasting change begins when we look inwards, reflect, and act; Only then it expands to those around us.”

FORT is a strong supporter of Quality Education which is directly related to a part of their vision and one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Through their KSA Scholarship, they intend to do their part by giving $1mm in scholarships by 2023! Since 2020, FORT has supported FATHERS MIA by separating a portion of their yearly scholarship funds to qualifying high school seniors within our program.

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